1.Citizen Science

Popularize civil participations in science researches, detect environmental problems around our life, and then make theories, design experiments, collect information, analyze, discuss and solve together. Since the environment belongs to everyone, an effective improvement can be achieved only when people all approve and take part in it for real.

2.Mitigate Roadkill

Through a great deal of long-term accumulation for the overall spatiotemporal data of roadkill, we analyze the reasons, spots, happening seasons, and categories of wild animals’ deaths, trying our best to mitigate it, allow humans live in peace with all species and share the Earth.   

(“Roadkill” indicates any mishap of wild animals, including car accidents, diseases, toxication, animal traps, man-made killing, attacks from stray dogs or cats, etc.)  

3.Environmental Education

By taking part in the simple activity of recording “Roadkill” as the first step, participants may start to sense environmental problems and gradually carry out the ideas of conservation and sustainability of ecology.

4.Cherish Life

Life is equal and should be respected and cherished. We sincerely invite everyone to help collect and send the carcass of roadkill to be properly used, making into specimen for academic study and preservation, or for the monitor of severe wild animal epidemic (e.g. rabies ) and environmental agents (e.g. pesticide, rodenticide).