Endemic Species Research Institute, Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan


Da-Li Lin  Assistant Researcher

Identify roadkill bird species; Answer questions related to bird species; Dig, sort and analyze data of bird species

Tel:049-2761331# 252

  Te-En Lin Assistant Researcher

Head of the project; Identify roadkill amphibian reptile; Answer questions; Sort and analyze data

Tel:049-2761331# 566

  Cheng-Te Yao Associate Research Scientist

Identify roadkill bird species; Answer questions related to bird species; Dig, sort and analyze data of bird species


  Shih-Wei Chang Associate Research Scientist

Identify roadkill mammal; Answer questions related to mammal; Dig, sort and analyze data of mammal

Tel:049-2761331# 145

Institute of Information Science, Academia Sinica

Tyng-Ruey Chuang Associate Research Scientist

Technologic lead of the development of data collection, SOP, and general public license


  Dr. Dong-Po Deng 

Deal with analyzation of automatically retrieved roadkill data, geographic spatial distribution, issues of data release, and coordination among technicians



Lucien Cheng-hsia Lin Legal Consultant

Plan and establish legal questions related to privacy, general public licenses and data release


  James Hsieh master

Develop data-uploading APP


Biodiversity Research Center, Academia Sinica


Guan-Shuo Mai Bioinformatics’Engineer

Develop software tools such as application of automatically retrieved data, tools of data correction, visualization of data


Other Members


Jheng-Jhang Li Doctoral Student

Specialize in crustaceans taxonomy; Identify crustaceans; Answer and discuss related questions


  Ming Yang Engineer

Help develop and maintain TaiRON Web APP for uploading


  Pei-Ying Lin Artist

Visual designer of TaiRON official website layout



Wang Yu Translator

A graduate student majored in Foreign Languages and Literature in National Chung Cheng University

Email: h820317@hotmail.com

Technical Support

Yi-Hong Chang / Word Gleaner Ltd.

Design TaiRON official website; Develop application ; Set up data SOP ;Maintain database ;Visualize data