Terms of Use

Taiwan Roadkill Observation Network & TaiRON APP Terms of Use v.2015-12

Range of application / Scope of application / Coverage

◦ This website is operated and maintained by Endemic Species Research Institute. All materials and information belong to the Institute, except for contributions that are separately indicated by users.

◦ The policy of copyright in this webpage can be applied to all authorizations you are involved on TaiRON APP and its extended service website events.

◦ Users, who keep using TaiRON APP and its service website after reading instructions and the policy of copyright on this webpage, are considered to approve a written agreement with the following terms of use.

◦ TaiRON APP will help user, in his/her behalf, share the data simultaneously on Facebook group-四處爬爬走. (Reptile Road Mortality,https://www.facebook.com/groups/roadkilled/) After the data is put on Facebook, all collection, arrangement and usage that are related to personal information are under the charge of information policy of Facebook. (https://zh-tw.facebook.com/about/privacy/)

How will TaiRON website and APP use and provide collected information?

◦ Collected information will be used to analyze species, roads and seasons that severe roadkill takes place in, as well as to improve road design or build up facilities such as gallery and fence, in order to reduce wild animals’ direct death caused by domestic road development and increased traffic.

◦ The website maintains the rights to remove or conceal information contributed by users, in order to protect particular creatures that are under threats

◦ Materials provided by users via TaiRON APP, as mentioned before, will be uploaded to TaiRON website and be shared simultaneously on Facebook group-四處爬爬走. (Reptile Road Mortality,https://www.facebook.com/groups/roadkilled/)

Authorization of information and share methods

◦ All publicly posted information and materials on this website, and information recorded with facticity that is not protected by copyright, can be used freely without restrictions. Others that are protected by copyright and other related provisions are provided to the public via CC BY 3.0 TW. Users are not limited to time, by region or purpose to copy, modify, edit, distribute and perform the work, or other legally authorized usages. This authorization will not be retracted hereafter, and users do not have to acquire any written or other methods of authorization. However, when using it, the users should state the source.

◦ Users’ roadkill information that are just information records, forms not protected by copyright, such as latitude, longitude, date, location and notes, will be made public through a proper way of data release in the future, in order to promote the development of citizen science and encourage participants to share. As for photos and monograph that are protected by copyright in the materials, they will be made public via user’s designate Creative Commons Licenses or CC0-1.0.

Statements (of related matters)

◦ The authorized scope of TaiRON website is only within the scope protected under copyright and its related provisions. It does not include other intellectual property rights, including but not limited to the provision of patents, trademarks and administration’s logo.


◦ After using the information and materials provided by this website, whether it is protected by copyright or not, one should not maliciously alter its related information. If edited and the reworked information does not match the original and cause damage, the user is liable for civil and criminal legal responsibilities.


◦ Users use the information and materials the website provide freely, and is damaged or cause damage to a third party, unless otherwise specified by laws, the website and its operating institute are not responsible for any compensation or reparation.


All information released by users on TaiRON or through APP should not involve distribution and transmission of anything related to intimidation, violence or indecency, nor inappropriate comments such as abuse or insult. The manager of TaiRON website will determine the situation with social common sense. If it is considered a violation of the regulation, website manager has both rights to remove the information and to stop the account authority of the user.

Feedback mechanism

◦ To all collected information that is protected by copyright, TaiRON website and APP respect users who use common ways to indicate authorship, and assume him/her the author of the material. If you are the owner or agent of the copyright, and find out the material is uploaded and shared on the website without your permission, please send through our feedback mechanism to the website manager an official requisition, with basic proof and clear explanation, to stop the display of the material.