Preliminary result of participant's motivation and learning outcome in TaiRON

Chia-Hsuan Hsu1 ,Te-En Lin2 , Chi-Chang Liu1
1 School of Forestry and Resource Conservation, National Taiwan University
2 Endemic Species Research Institute

2018 Road Ecology and Data Analysis Conference, Taipei, Taiwan.
Te-En Lin

Citizen science is gradually developing and provides a lot of outstanding contributions for science nowadays. Besides, some reports reveal the public could gain the scientific and environmental literacy by participating the citizen science. In this article, we expect to know the participants’ initial/interrupted/continuous motivations and learning outcomes at the Taiwan Roadkill Observation Network (TaiRON), which is the citizen science of the most people in Taiwan. We found that most of participants’ age are between 21-30 which are totally different from most of other citizen science. And there are a lot of people just joined for 1-2years, it reveals the TaiRON still be broadened. The most important initial motivations for the participants are interest in animals and want to do something good for the environment; the main interrupted motivation is lack of time; and the vital continuous motivation of involving is they still think these efforts can help our environment. Finally, because of joining the TaiRON, they know how severe our environmental destruction is and would pay attention for the animals when driving. Via these results, we can give some suggestions for the host of TaiRON and understand the TaiRON’s contribution for the participants. Because we finished the questionnaire survey recently, this article just a preliminary result. There are more detail analysis and valuable results in our further report.

Keyword: citizen science, motivation, learning outcome,TaiRON