Investigate the invasion history and the possible invasion site of alien invasive species Eutropis Multifasciata by road killing point

Jia-Wei Chen1, Tai-Yu Chen1, Te-En Lin2, Shu-Ping Huang3, Shiahn-Wern Shyue4

The 37th Conference on Surveying and Geoinformatics
Te-En Lin

Eutropis Multifasciata originated in the tropical region of Southeast Asia. It was first witnessed in the Kaohsiung Chengcing Lake in 1992. The population of E. multifasciata has lived in Taiwan for many years and it gradually spread in recent years. This study will use the road kill data in 2008-2018 from Taiwan Roadkill Observation Network, overlapping the altitude distribution map, river distribution map and January temperature maps. Speculating the population distribution and invasion history of the E. multifasciata. The population of E. multifasciata is distributed in the southwest Taiwan. It had been considered that the Zhuoshui River and the Central Range are barriers to its geographical distribution for a long time. However, it had the road kill records in north of the Zhuoshui River and east of the Central Range in 2017. It can be known that its population has spread in Taiwan. In addition, the temperature data proves that the north and east Taiwan are suitable for it to survive. It is possible for E. multifasciata spreading to the northern and eastern. Making its population exist in whole Taiwan except for mountain area. At present, only the road killing point is used to make a preliminary discussion on its geographical distribution. We hope that there will be more relevant data to analysis and prediction the E. multifasciata invasion distribution in the future.

Keyword: Eutropis Multifasciata, road kill, population distribution, alien invasive species