Facebook group as a citizen science platform to monitor the roadkill events of wildlife in Taiwan

26th International Ornithological Congress 2014 in Tokyo, Japan.
Te-En LIN, Da-Li LIN, Shih-Wei CHANG, Cheng-Te YAO, Zhi-Nan HUANG, Dong-Po DENG, Guan-Shuo MAI, and Cheng-Hsin HSU
Da-Li Lin

Roadkill is the one of reasons that biodiversity decreased with the higher development of road systems. There are many studies reported that the factors affected roadkill effects and design the mitigation facilities to decrease its frequencies. However, there were less large-scale and long-term monitoring projects to know the patterns of roadkill in a whole region in Taiwan. We make Facebook group as a citizen science platform to monitor the roadkill situation of amphibians, retiles, birds, mammals and land crabs in Taiwan since 2011. There were 2,853 group members attend this project and collected 7,367 roadkill events within two years. The volunteers upload the photographs of the bodies of roadkilled wildlife to the Facebook group from regular survey and/or incidental discovery. The researchers identified the species of the bodies and label the vernacular name and scientific name. Almost 90% bodies were identified to species level. We propose a program to automatically structure the loose-format text and catch the labeled information on Facebook group so that volunteers can keep providing data in their own familiar ways, while we can benefit from the semantically structure information. Because the density of convenient stores is very high in Taiwan. It is very convenient that the volunteers pick the roadkilled bodies and sent by the frozen express to our institute. It have become the major source of specimen to our institute and replaced considerable specimen from field collection. This project keeps monitoring the roadkill of wildlife in Taiwan, the database have been used to analysis and considerate into habitat management.

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